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We are La Hoya de Buñol

The towns of Buñol, Alborache, Yátova and Macastre are part of the Hoya de Buñol, located in a mountainous environment in the central zone of the Valencian Community. Each of these villages in themselves form peaceful, homely and charming places worthy of being found in any tourist route. Macastre is quiet and affable, offering the visitor a place to stop along the way. Yátova is a good place to forget about the big city, with hiking routes and great natural landscapes. What about doing the route of the mills, before enjoying the typical mountain gastronomy? There is no better place than Alborache to try it. Finally Buñol, well known for its most international festival the Tomatina, has more to offer you than a famous party, places, gastronomy, culture and history...

La Hoya de Buñol opens up to the visitor and awaits you impatiently... Are you coming?


Alborache is the perfect village to disconnect from your daily routines and relax in.

With only 1135 inhabitants, it has countless fountains and springs. Its natural landscapes are very well-known, such as the Valle Feliz, San Jaime, El Lugar Milagro or the famous Ruta de los Molinos (route of the mills).The environmental education centre (ACTIO) stands out with activities for the whole family and also houses a network of trails of the municipality and the region.


"In a leafy valley..." Thus begins the Hymn to Buñol.

It is because it is framed in a valley, where water and more than twenty fountains adorn places, gardens and squares. Despite being located some forty kilometers away from the capital (Valencia), we are about 400 meters above sea level, which allows us to have attractive landscapes of unusual geography. The water acquires special importance in this location, as it creates places of an uncommon beauty. In addition to its river, Buñol contains numerous cultural attractions; the old quarter, the medieval castle, the paper mill transformed into a library... With hardly 10,000 inhabitants, it is a unique place because it combines culture and nature. Why choose if we can enjoy everything?
Come and discover us!


Macastre "castra, castrorum".

Is the Roman root that gives our town its name. It means military camp, probably of some establishment of the Roman legions on our land.
We are sure that the Roman legions would choose us again today, since in spite of having just 1335 inhabitants, it is a great town, and so is its people, routes and trails.
The Romans must have liked it for a reason! Macastre will surprise you!


Your place is Yátova.

Our town may not be found in the usual tourism pages, but the most popular isn’t always the most authentic. If you want to get away from boring clichés and lists of rural tourism, your place is Yátova. Our village is surrounded by nature, hiking trails, tranquility, infinite gastronomy, and a family atmosphere that will make you feel at home. Do you want to know about the natural park of Tabarla and discover endless natural pools?
Come and visit us!

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